PTSD and Trauma

For survivors of PTSD and Trauma, the body is in a state of constant reaction and alertness. The MNRI method has helped survivors of horrible traumatic events, heroic war veterans and traumatic sports injuries. These are inspirational stories of Scarlett Lewis, a mother who lost her young son in the Sandy Hook tragedy, Jon, a honorable Iraq War Veteran, and Rok, an olympic champion.

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Dec. 10, 2015

Scarlett's Story
I consider the MNRI® team my friends as their sacrifice to bring this healing method to the world speaks to their personal integrity and dedication to heal the world from the terrible trauma that results from disasters that occur every day

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Rok's Story
Throughout my sports career and everyday life challenges I have gone through several physical and emotional traumas.

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Jon's Story
Peg’s experience with Jon and others indicates that MNRI® is the link to positive anchors that significantly impact an individual that has experienced trauma.