Multiple Sclerosis

Living with Multiple Sclerosis can be a challenge. With passion, dedication and the right help and support, help and change is possible. Below are two inspirational stories from previous clients of the MNRI method, Theresa and Hans. Theresa is 31 years old and has lived with MS for almost 10 years. Hans is in his 50’s and has lived with MS for 19 years. Below are Theresa’s story as told in her own words and Han’s story as told by his MNRI Core Specialist.

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Han’s Story
When he walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, he realized he had walked there without thinking about it and said with great surprise, “Did you see what I just did? That’s amazing.

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Theresa's Story
The MNRI® method has changed my overall abilities and improved the motor skills that I lost due to multiple sclerosis (MS).