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Lily’s Story
Lily is now 10 years old and just took a test to get into a prestigious school in Dallas. She excelled on the entrance exam and ended in the 98% of aptitude. Her social and academic skills are excellent.

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The Inspiring Success Story of Lily

Lily Grace Colonnese was born 13 weeks early on September 15, 2003, a 27-week preemie. She weighed 1.9 lbs. and was 13 inches long. Her APGAR score was 8. She was ventilated immediately and admitted to the NICU for respiratory distress, sepsis, and prematurity. Lily had 14 other diagnoses while in the NICU and was reintubated over a dozen times. S​he had a severe Sensory Processing Disorder after being born so early and being in the NICU for over four months. ​Sight, sound, and touch were painful to her and she was developmentally delayed, including language, fine motor, and gross motor.

We had Lily in all therapies the second week home from the hospital, we tried everything and she was still so little, so sick, so delayed, and had such severe sensory problems. We didn’t know where to turn. Our friend introduced us to Dr. Masgutova. Her work was based on her experience with working with children and adults who had survived traumatic catastrophes. O​ur Lily was a survivor of birth trauma and needed this special work offered by the woman who had pioneered her work using the concept of Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration.

At 18 months old, Lily was not able to sit with stability, crawl properly, walk, talk, eat, or leave the house. Dr. Masgutova and Pamela Curlee worked on Lily for 2 days. My husband and I were hesitant to let strangers in our house and work on our precious daughter, but t​he minute we met them, we were at peace.​ Lily work woke up while they were working on her, but instead of being frightened, she looked like she was having a party! She clapped, smiled and watched Elmo while they worked on her!

The first thing they did was to work with her Breathing Reflex pattern, which was under stress. D​r. Masgutova worked with precision with the various aspects of this reflex and Lily responded very well.​ The next day they showed us how to repattern and activate reflexes like the Babinski and the Foot Tendon Guard, Trunk Extension, and Spinal Perez Reflex. ​It seemed as if this work with the Masgutova Method® was able to awaken so many things that were missing inside of her body. Lily’s body responded with incredible speed within two days.

Following the short time with Dr. Masgutova, Lily was able to extend herself in accordance with the Trunk Extension Reflex, which was finally emerging with over a year’s delay. A​fter this work, a more solid cross-lateral crawl began to emerge, serving as the foundation for walking and after 2 days, she stood on her own for only a few seconds! I​t seemed like a miracle. Dr. Masgutova and Pamela took her outside and activated numerous reflexes by carrying Lily in different postures, letting her play in the leaves and the dirt at the park. They even had her climbing a rock ‘mountain’.

Lily could not sit until she was over one year of age or use her left hand at all. With the Masgutova Method, Lily had so many significant changes, including stacking blocks with her left hand. Working with the sounds of animals, I was able to also make a connection of many of the sounds of phonemes with her as well. W​ithin three months of Dr. Masgutova’s visit, she had a 500-word vocabulary. Lily had no speech or language prior to this work.

Lily was feeling better too. Her sensory system began to improve and she was then able to walk in the grass barefoot without screaming. Age 22 months, Lily saw Dr. Masgutova again and she grew 2 inches very quickly. Her physical skills continued blossoming following the second session. S​he was also talking, singing, and laughing with deep belly laughs; she ran barefoot across the backyard (​this is the child who couldn’t even pull herself up or walk 4 months prior!). We still have the video of her doing these things!

When Lily was 2 1⁄2 years old, Dr. Masgutova did a great deal of work integrating reflexes. She worked with Lily in the water using her Aqua Reflex Integration Therapy and Lily’s intellect started to blossom. Her reading and vocabulary was incredible. Her sensory integration was excelling and we used Embracing Squeeze a lot. As her speech emerged she would name dogs by their breed! At the age 2, she would count out loud to 25 and would hold a pencil and try to write.

At the age of 3, she started taking ballet lessons. A​ home video shows her dancing at the age of 4 shows her off her toes and moving solidly on her feet. ​In pre-school her handwriting and focus greatly improved. We did not tell the therapist that we had been to see Dr. Masgutova and the therapist commented on the great changes she was noticing. I, as the mother, had watched Lily in pre-school one week and when I went back to help in class 3 weeks later, I could also see visible improvements!

Lily is now 10 years old and just took a test to get into a prestigious school in Dallas. She excelled on the entrance exam and ended in the 98% of aptitude. Her social and academic skills are excellent.​ We are currently working to begin piano lessons, based on the insistence of a piano teacher who declares that Lily “i​s a natural”​. When in dance lessons now, the other children watch her and learn the movements from her. She has a great attitude, is social and sweet as well as beautiful inside and out. And, clearly, she loves Dr. Svetlana!

A developmental doctor in the developmental clinic at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas could not believe how well Lily is doing based on her history. She asked me how her language and development was so good: I told her that the Masgutova Method® was what we used.

Lily’s mother

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