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Ian’s Story
He is more and more interested in being present with the family and I truly believe this is because he feels safer in his body and in his environment.

Bringing Inner Peace and Trust to Your Child

My son Ian and I first met Dr. Masgutova when he was 5 years old. She explained that when I am stressed, scared, and confused, Ian feels unsafe, and his brain activates his protection response. At the time, Ian was a bundle of nerves in a constant state of motion and protection; he would constantly bang on the windows as if to say “g​et me out of here.​”

It wasn’t until I met Dr. Masgutova that I learned to release m​y emotions​ for Ian’s benefit. Ian and I have been on such a powerful learning journey together and I consider him my greatest teacher. My emotions, Ian’s emotions and Ian’s brain are all connected. Together, we learned about repatterning, or reintegrating the pathways of the brain. After two years of MNRI​, Ian’s emotional world a​nd comprehension improved in an outstanding way.

Ian began looking for communication with MNRI​specialists and other children, though non-verbally. He was expressing himself with behavioral and body movements​ – showing amazing interest, sympathy, and even support!

When Dr. Masgutova asked him jokingly, “Dear Ian, tell the new boys that sessions are important for growth, tell them to follow techniques with good motivation to change.” I​an started coming up to new children and vocalizing sounds corresponding to,​“P​lease, listen, it is true! Please, follow the techniques!​”

The MNRI​team was accompanying his emotional changes with great love. Ian has started imitating more, understanding play better and f​eels safer in his own body. ​He has begun peeing in the toilet and any parent knows that is a huge breakthrough! He holds his pee through the entire night and when he wakes, immediately takes himself to the toilet. For any parent with a child that has not been grounded in their body enough to feel the sensations and messages, this is a huge shift and e​vidence of integration.

After the last MNRI​, conference, Ian started sleeping 12 hours a night. T​he more we do MNRI​, the better Ian sleeps, the more present and engaged he is and the more joy he expresses. Ian was 12 in Feb. 2014 and after almost 7 years of using MNRI​, I say with great confidence that MNRI​provides the foundation for his integration. It supports and compliments all the other therapies we offer him. Without MNRI​, I​an would not be as integrated as he is today.​

Today, Ian expresses himself, follows what feels good to him, eats when he’s hungry, plays when he’s feeling playful and curious, rests and sleeps when he’s tired, and is pure love all the time. He is more and more interested in being present with the family and I​truly believe this is because he feels safer in his body and in his environment.

He teaches me every day to be present and his level of patience with me blows me away. I’m so deeply grateful for the commitment, wisdom, brilliance, compassion and love that Dr. Masgutova generously gives to the world. She has given our family such a gift. We have found our way home to love.

Ian’s mother

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