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Han’s Story
When he walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, he realized he had walked there without thinking about it and said with great surprise, “Did you see what I just did? That’s amazing.

One musician’s inspirational journey with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Hans, a musician in his 50's, has had a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) for 19 years. He was diagnosed in April of 1994 with MS after experiencing paralysis of his left arm and hand during a performance. He was treated with IV steroids and regained movement but continued to experience decreased dexterity of his left arm and hand. For fear his MS might affect his ability to run in the future, Hans decided to start running regularly and continued for five years. He experienced a relapse and his walking ability deteriorated significantly.

He began acupuncture treatments, massage therapy, continued to take Copazone and was told he probably would not regain his motor function. Hans decided to give MNRI® a try. During his initial visit and assessment on Oct. 21, 2011, his unstable gait required a great deal of energy, effort, concentration and resulted in a lack of confidence regarding his balance and safety. His assessment revealed his left side being more rigid, and as a result, his right side is forced to over compensate. Hans had decreased sensation in his feet and could not move his hips freely.

Laura Paquette, an MNRI Core Specialist worked with Hans using the MNRI® method with the intention of integrating his reflexes, including increasing sensation in his feet and freeing his hip movements. By working with his body, Hans and Laura were able to enable active hip motions, the ability to shift his weight from one leg to the other, and establish a better sense of Han's feet contacting the ground. Several days later he called and described feeling a bit overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised and optimistic with the changes he felt in his walking. He stated that his friends and family had noticed the changes as well.

Using Archetype Movement Reflex integration techniques at home, Han's body awareness, midline orientation and control improved. Hans and Laura worked with intentional movements by marching, dancing using hip movements, rotation, cross crawl pattern, and lateral flexion and extension of his spine. When he walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, he realized he had walked there without thinking about it and said with great surprise, "Did you see what I just did? That's amazing."

Several days later Hans went to Arizona for the winter and emailed Laura to say that he had just gone for an hour and a half walk in the desert! Prior to this, walking was not something he looked forward. He bought a used bike and made a goal of walking or riding. Several months later, he confided with excitement in his eyes and voice that he had started running to and from the mailbox (which is approximately 300 feet) and running to and from the garage (which is at least 75 feet each way)! During an outdoor musical performance he stood for the entire performance, dipped his guitar, shifted his weight, moved around the stage over wires and equipment with relative ease, smiled his infectious smile, and radiated confidence.

The efficiency and complexity of our brains, Dr. Masgutova and MNRI®, provides us techniques that can influence the organization of our primary reflex patterns through our sensory motor responses in a safe, natural way that enables us to recover functions thought to be lost. We hope to provide support and information that may help others experiencing the effects of multiple sclerosis.

Laura Paquette, Han’s MNRI Core Specialist

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