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The MNRI® method has changed my overall abilities and improved the motor skills that I lost due to multiple sclerosis (MS).

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My Improvements with Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Theresa Wojtalewicz. I am 31 years old and I’ve lived with a diagnosis of MS for nearly 10 years. I have received four different treatments for this disease including a subcutaneous injection, an intramuscular injection, a low-dose cladrabine/steroid treatment, and a once a month infusion treatment. I’ve had symptoms of MS for nearly 15 years. My symptoms have included numbness and loss of motor function from the waist down – primarily on the left side, early on issues with the optic nerve when I’d get overheated, consistent issues with balance causing some falls, bladder issues that have caused incontinence and urgency, and overall fatigue.

The MNRI method has changed my overall abilities and improved the motor skills that I lost due to multiple sclerosis (MS).

I started working with MNRI Specialist Laura Paquette a few years ago (fairly sporadically) and, after the first treatment, I immediately felt the results. Since that time, I’ve had nearly five more sessions that have changed quite a few things for me including better control of my bladder, continued feeling in my left foot (which I couldn’t feel for more than three years prior), improved balance, and better coordination.

Previous to MNRI, I could not stand with my feet together and my eyes closed b ut can now. I’ve also learned techniques to help in dealing with the anxiety that I’ve felt as a result of my symptoms which has made a world of difference in my daily life and my overall attitude. Throughout nearly five sessions working with an MNRI Core Specialist who uses the Masgutova Method, I’ve regained feeling in my left foot and gained balance and alignment that I had lost previously.

My suggestion for future growth is to ensure that more individuals with MS get access to this type of treatment. The benefits far surpass anything that I’ve ever done prior. I understand the importance of stopping this disease’s progression through FDA-approved MS therapies but I also know that, in conjunction with this method, my symptoms can be managed efficiently for a more functional life with MS.

My experience with this method reveals the benefits of this therapy for individuals suffering with motor loss as a result of MS. My story is unique as I’ve tried several different medical treatments as well as physical therapy sessions, but I’ve not retained any of the benefits from those treatments in the way that I’ve kept the results of the MNRI method.

Theresa Wojtalewicz

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