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Her problem solving and planning skills have shown dramatic improvement; she plays a game that requires planning, strategy, and organization.

Gains and Improvements with MNRI​Are Remarkable

C.O. is our 39-year-old daughter with a diagnosis of autism and dysarthria. She was home-schooled, can read, write, and do basic math. She has demonstrated ability for music, puzzles, memorizing names, phone numbers and addresses, spelling, and other visual skills. Her social skills, logic, reasoning skills, spatial awareness, proprioception, balance, etc. have always been very poor.

C has been exposed to 14 therapies from the age of 3 and, as of January 2013, MNRI​. The therapies previous to MNRI​produced some results; however, gains were often lost, proving very frustrating for her and for us as parents. I​n the 5 months since starting MNRI​, however, her gains and improvements have been remarkable.

C has a history of violent behaviors and outbursts. When she got angry, she would physically attack property and people, many times requiring physical restraint. Since participating in her first MNRI®​ conference, she has not had any volatile behaviors but has found very acceptable alternatives. T​his is a huge improvement.

Her articulation and language has improved greatly. Before MNRI ​she would respond to questions with one word, or would usually say, “I​ don’t know”​ in a very slurred manner. N​ow she responds in full sentences, many times expanding beyond what is needed.​ She follows multiple step instructions without any problem. This was impossible for her before MNRI​.

Her understanding of conversations has improved dramatically and she has become aware of and concerned about the feelings of others. ​When her grandfather passed away recently, we were on the way to the funeral home when she said, “D​on’t worry about me. I left the old C at home. When we get to the funeral home I will be fine. I will be calm, all I will do is say ‘Hi’ to people and sit quietly.​” When she arrived she was true to her word. At the funeral home, she went to the coffin and said “I’m sorry Grandpa, I will miss you and see you in paradise,​” then she touched his forehead and went and sat down. The level of maturity was outstanding. Even after such a difficult event, she showed no regression.

C also has an increased awareness, a desire to be recognized as being present, and she wishes to participate more often in family activities. Her problem solving and planning skills have shown dramatic improvement; she plays a game that requires planning, strategy, and organization. ​Her self-confidence and independence have also improved. She has no problem going into an elevator alone, previously an ordeal. T​he list of improvements goes on and on. We look forward to more improvements as we continue with the program.

It is important to take care of the parent, as well as the child. Dr. Svetlana and a therapist did a psycho therapy process on C after she began screaming during meals. T​here was an immediate reduction in explosive anger episodes after the MNRI​Clinic. We have observed positive changes in her behavior in general.​ Last night C went to sleep without the ‘white noise’, she seems happier, and even is sharing more time with us.

I am not sure if recent positive changes in her behaviors are a result of the psychotherapy session or it is a cumulative effect from all the other sessions. Anyway, I thank God, Dr. Masgutova, and other therapists who worked with C that week (and before) for the positive lifesaving changes.,

C's Mother

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