MNRI Clinics

MNRI Clinics are designed to allow you or your child to receive personal, one on one treatments with our Certified Core Specialists. MNRI Clinics are scheduled after Family Conferences at our Orlando Facility. These Clinics are highly beneficial for those parents or individuals who are seeking intensive treatments.

 A family typically chooses to attend an MNRI Clinic when:

  • They do not have access to a local certified MNRI Core Specialist in their area. 
  • Families/Individuals who have previously been provided a home program through attending either an MNRI Educational Family Conference or another MNRI Clinic.
  • Families/Individuals who desire intensive one on one sessions with a Core Specialist.

Clinic Duration:

MNRI Clinics are scheduled on an hourly basis up to 6 hours per day.  

A family can choose to participate in as many days as needed.  The number of sessions/days a family is allowed to sign up for is limited by the number of sessions available on the Clinic schedule at the time of registration.

Upcoming Clinics, Individual Session Fees & Registration:

Cost of Clinics per session varies on the level of service. Pricing does not include lodging or meals. We have negotiated rates with local hotels to help with lodging costs. 

Current dates available:

November 5, 6
December 20- 23
January 4-7, 23-24, 27-31
February 14-15, 18-22, 25-28

Please Contact Us regarding availability.