Assessment and Home Program

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Assessments are held throughout the year in various locations with our Family Conferences and local Clinics. At an Assessment, the child will receive a thirty-minute evaluation. During this evaluation, Dr. Masgutova or another team member will take a detailed assessment of the reflexes.  This evaluation will be used to develop a Home Program for you or your child.  

We recommend having an assessment every 6 months to properly adjust your Home Program.  

If you cannot make it to a full Family Educational Conference or a local Clinic, please contact us for other available options.


  • One 30 minute recorded Assessment  
  • A personalized Home Program based on the Assessment

Additional Options:

1-hour session with a Core Specialist (for an additional charge)

What Parents are saying:

“I am so thankful Dr. Masgutova comes into town twice a year for Assessments.  It is so great to hear how much my child has improved from the last assessment and learn what we need to do next.”