Event Registration

Event Registration

3-Day MNRI® Infant Family Conference - Orlando

Dates: October 27-29, 2019
Location: Orlando, FL
Address: MNRI Training Facility
Address:  6275 Hazeltine National Drive
Address:  Orlando FL 32822
Instructor: Isabelle Renard-Fontaine & Dr. Svetlana Masgutova
Local Area  
Coordinator: Jessica Rife
Email: jessica@masgutovafoundation.org
Phone: 352-494-9829

The Masgutova Method® is a set of programs focused on the restoration and maturation of primary movements, reflexes, coordination systems, skills for optimal performance of natural mechanisms, developmental processes, brain functioning, and sensory-motor integration. You can read more about Reflexes and MNRI HERE.

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Our Mission is to provide the “Missing Link” to those who work or live with individuals impacted by stress, neurodevelopmental or learning challenges.

Our Vision is To see all of those who are impacted by stress, neurodevelopmental and learning challenges experience hope, recovery, and restoration.

SMEI/Masgutova Foundation Cancellation and Refund Policy

MNRI Family Conferences are staffed by a diverse field of professionals who have been certified as Core Specialists. Many of these professionals run their own practice in addition to assisting us. As such, some conferences may have a limited number of staff.

In order to provide the best service possible for our families, we limit the ratio of Client to Specialist to 1|1.

With our desire to maintain a high level of service, cancellation of registrants may occur if there are not enough Staff. Registrants will be informed of this 10 days before the event takes place. If MNRI is forced to cancel any registrants, a full refund of the conference fees will be given. Cancellations will be offered first on a voluntary basis. If there are not enough volunteers, cancellation protocol will be enacted starting with the most recent registrants.

Full refunds will be given for registration cancellation up to 21 days prior to the conference.
A 25% administration charge will be retained for cancellation 11-20 days prior to the conference.
Cancellation within 10 days of the conference is non-refundable due to the financial commitments that the organization has made to hotels, travel expenses and salaries of Core Specialists from around the world.

We recommend that attendees who will be flying do not purchase their flight until after the 10-day window has elapsed to avoid a nonrefundable circumstance with the airline. SMEI/Masgutova Foundation is not liable for any ticket costs related to the course being canceled. SMEI/Masgutova Foundation is not liable for any costs related to transportation (airline tickets, train, taxi, etc) due to the cancellation of an event.

* A 2.5% transaction fee (processing fee) will be withheld on all refunds that were processed using credit card/Pay Pal. If a participant wishes the refund to be paid directly to their account via credit card/Pay Pal, Pay Pal may also charge the participant an additional 2.5% transaction fee (processing fee). Refund by check is available upon request.

For cancellation and refund requests related to health issues, family tragedy or other significant life events please contact us.

MNRI® Infant Family Conference:  October 27-29, 2019

15 OPENINGS for Infants 1-12 months and toddlers up to 24 months with significant delays.

Registration Fee: $1950.00 ($650/day)

This MNRI® Family Conference is specifically for INFANTS 1-12 months of age and toddlers aged up to 24 months with significant delays.  Each day will have individual conference sessions from 10:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00.  The first and second afternoons from 4:15-5:15 there will be group practice sessions for parents (no child care will be provided).

Each day infants will receive the following sessions: NeuroStructural, NeuroTactile, OralFacial, and Repatterning.

Parent Afternoon Sessions will include:

  1. A mini lecture of 15-20 minutes
  2. Direct Instructions/hands-on on the following Infant reflexes (or could be modified for individual infant needs):
  • embracing squeezes
  • greeting the body/limb stretching (simple version of 6 ended star)
  • Spinal Perez
  • Spinal Galant
  • Abdominal Sleep Posture and Tapping for sleeping

Only snacks will be provided.

If parents wish to have their child receive an assessment by Dr. Masgutova at an additional cost, this needs to be requested individually. 

Conference Location: 
MNRI Training Facility - near Orlando International Airport (MCO)
6275 Hazeltine National Drive
Orlando, FL 32822

Suggested Hotels

Staybridge Suites Orlando Airport South, 7450 Augusta National Dr., Orlando, FL 32822.
Contact Carolina Lopez to get special rate: clopez@dhmhotels.com

Residence Inn Orlando Airport, 7024 Augusta National Dr., Orlando, FL 32822,.
Contact Elyann Perez to get special rate: eperez@jhmhotels.com or (407) 581-4336

MNRI Core Specialists who wish to apply to work this conference will sign up if the following requirements are met:
1. MNRI Core Specialist 
2. Completed MNRI Intronaut and   Infant Reflex Integration Class
3. Professional experience with Infants (birth to 12 months)

Once registered, in order to form the safest and the most infant-experienced MNRI team of workers,
a short individual interview will be conducted with Isabelle Renard-Fontaine, Dr. Patty and/or Dr. Masgutova.
By 9/25, (also depending on the number of participating babies),
a final decision will be made by Dr. Masgutova and the applying Core Specialists will be notified
if they have been selected or not to work at the conference. 

MNRI Core Specialists who do not qualify to work the conference
may wish to attend the conference as an observer and attend lectures
from 8:30-5:30 the first two days and 8:30-4:30 on the last day. 
This will be for theory, briefings and observations during the conference. Registration fee: $402.00

MNRI Cores in Training may attend this MNRI Infant Family Conference to count towards their required conference hours.  Please note that testing will not be done during this conference. It will be for observation only. 

Course Participants who are not MNRI Core Specialist or in the Core’s in Training program may register if they meet the following requirements:
1. Completed MNRI® Dynamic and Postural, Archetype Movements, Neuro Tactile, Infant and Intronaut class and 2 other classes
2. Currently work with infants or are the parent of an infant birth-12 months or significantly delay toddler up to 36 months of age. Registration Fee: $402.00

Conference Hours: up to 24

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