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Celebrate The Life Of Denis Masgutov With A Memorial Donation

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Denis Masgutov (​September 10, 1983 – June 11, 2016) was the co­-Founder and Director of the International Dr. Svetlana Masgutova ​
I​nstitute of Poland and also served as an International Specialist of the Masgutova Method®​. He graduated with a degree in Special Education and Psychology in Russia and also received his Post­Graduate degree in Psychology at the Moscow State Sholokhov University. He also studied at Psychology Faculty at the University of Warsaw in Poland (completed 5 years). In addition, he accomplished the​
​Post­Graduate Polish language studies at Krakow University (Poland), and was certified in Massage Therapy (Russia). He knew five languages.


Denis Masgutov had substantial experience in working with adults and children with neurodevelopmental challenges and learning difficulties such as: cerebral palsy, motor development deficits, ADHD, ADD, autism and Asperger’s syndrome, FAS, intellectual delay, aggressive behavior, dyslexia, and PTSD.

Since 2009, Denis Masgutov had been organizing the International Camps for children and adults with neurodeficits and learning difficulties and led the continuing education program for PT, SP, OT, and other specialists in MNRI® programs through lectures, workshops, camps, conferences, and clinics in Poland. He taught MNRI® programs including Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration, Lifelong Reflex Integration, Neuro­Tactile Integration, Oral­Facial Reflex Integration, Neuro­Structural Reflex Integration, and Dysfunctional and Pathological Reflex Repatterning. He was also a co­researcher at conferences and workshops in Poland using modern technologies/equipment (REMG, BTS). He traveled extensively and taught together with his mother, Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Israel, and Indonesia.

Denis is the co­author of over 30 articles and manuals. Just prior to his death, he created an incredible series of workshop videos on new MNRI techniques (March­-June 2016) focusing his primary interest on reflex pattern correction and integration for support of sensory­-motor developmental milestones. His interpretation of the psychological and neurodevelopmental aspects of reflex integration was oriented toward support of sensory­-motor, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functions. He supported his concepts using EMG/BTS technologies to obtain objective data on the correlation of reflex integration (ATNR, Crawling, Leg Cross Flexion­Extension, Automatic Gait) with neurostructural and milestone changes (sitting, standing, walking, and etc.) in over 300 children with CP and autism. Through this research he developed both a deeper understanding of and developed many new practical techniques for  working with sensory, motor deficits and stress, the withdrawal response, and the blocking of breathing reflex patterns.

Children and their parents loved and continue to love Denis for his empathy, understanding, support, unique and caring personality, and great enthusiasm. Professionals appreciated the depth of his knowledge, lecturing ability, and his skill in facilitating development within a holistic context of neurodevelopment.

Denis started his first workshops on Reflex Integration when he was only 10 years of age, showing a unique early enthusiasm for the study of reflexes and body­mind integrative methods.

He was a very loving father, great colleague and friend, and highly supportive personality. He was always enthusiastic, smiling, always had a positive attitude, and loved nature, life, and all its activities.

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