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Thank you for your interest in the MNRI® program.

To best address your request, please use the following forms:

  • If your inquiry is related our Professional Development services, please click HERE
  • For all other inquiries, please fill out our Contact Form Or call us at: 608-235-9084

National Headquarters in Orlando Florida:
6275 Hazeltine National Dr.
Orlando, FL 32822

For receipts and other financial needs:
P.O. Box 7738  
Jupiter, FL 33468-7738

Information and awareness 

Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute® provides training, lectures, refresher courses, conferences and family camps in the world. For more comprehensive information on the work of Svetlana Masgutova and the Masgutova Organization please visit the website.

Authorized People and Clinics

Visit our MNRI "Authorized People/Clinics" page to locate an MRNI trained professional in your area or sign up to participate in an upcoming MNRI® Family Educational Conference or Assessment Clinic.


If you are interested in learning more about what other parents or specialists have experienced using the MNRI method, join the Masgutova Method-MNRI Google Group.


Visit our Becoming an MNRI® Student section to learn more about how to become trained in the MNRI Method, available Continuing Education course work, and MNRI specialist training levels. If you are interested in signing up for a course online, see our Course Schedule and click on the course of interest and follow the on-line registration process.


See the Scientific Underpinnings or Ongoing Research sections to learn more about the historical and contemporary study and research of reflexes.

Since 1989, Dr. Masgutova has continued to work with universities, independent research individuals and organizations to shape and advance the MNRI® method. If you or your organization is interested in pursuing or collaborating in the pursuit of a research initiative, please contact us at


The Masgutova organization is interested in helping professionals and families understand the role reflex integration can play in allowing individuals to reach their developmental potential.  If you or your organization is interested in having a Masgutova representative speak to a group of professionals or families, please contact us at with "Lecture" in the subject line.