About Us

About Us

About Us

The Masgutova Foundation exists as pioneers in our industry to provide the “Missing Link” to those who work or live with individuals impacted by stress, neurodevelopmental or learning challenges.



Our research-based MNRI Method is built on science and reproducible success.

We have successfully helped thousands of individuals across the world in their journey with ADHD, Aspergers, Autism and many other challenges. 

Our Method is a non-invasive, drug-free approach for bringing healing and restoration to those struggling with stress, neurodevelopmental or learning challenges. 

There are two pathways of perception of the external world- classic (cortical or consciously controlled) and sub-cortical (natural, spontaneous, reflexive response). A child and an adult in stress automatically use their sub-cortical brain and its survival mechanisms.

Currently, the majority of methods use a cortical approach and thereby limit the therapeutic outcome and effects. In contrast, our new sub-cortical approach of reflex integration allows the problem to be addressed at its level of cause bringing natural recovery and neuromodulation.

Furthermore, our Method is designed to teach individuals from all backgrounds how to effectively work with learning challenges and neurological deficits. Many methods are not designed to be reproducible or teachable to everyday individuals. With MNRI, anyone can be taught how to perform the basic elements of our method.

Please view our history page to learn more about Dr. Svetlana Masgutova and Pamela Curlee.

We believe that it is important to continuously study, explore and improve our method. We believe we have found the Missing Link between neurological challenges and the pathway to healing. Engaging in research helps us learn more and work to fulfill our mission.

Our Philosophy

In normal development, the body and mind are beautifully complex and coherent. When the brain and the nervous system are impaired or damaged by stress (trauma, illness, tragedy, etc.), dysfunctions emerge- post trauma, learning challenges, developmental impairments, and more. These dysfunctions limit our potential, making our life and ability to learn more difficult.

Within this complexity, our bodies and minds have developed incredible abilities to both restore and learn. With proper knowledge, tools and commitment, we see faster and more productive neurological and physical improvements.

Our unique MNRI process, “The Missing Link” as professionals call it,  has been developed over the last 30 years, verified by scientific and clinical research and life-proven results.

Our Values

Experts- It is imperative that we are highly knowledgeable in reflex integration and other disciplines as we continue to provide the latest advancements in our field

Personal Development- Always striving to learn best techniques and advancements

Adaptable/Flexible- We let the body teach us what is needed and adapt accordingly

Joyfilled- We take delight in bringing restoration and hope

Open minded- We strive to be open to learning new and best approaches

Problem-solving- we don’t give up even in the most challenging cases!

Authentic- We exist to serve the needs of those around us

Team Players- Honoring each other, uplifting and encouraging, sharing what we learned for the benefit of all

Our Guiding Principles

  • To respect natural laws given by nature on a genetic level- reflexes-to integrate them vs inhibition. To work together with nature, not against nature.

  • Be fully present, listen and be aware of the individual’s needs

  • Seeing person in whole with respect of their unique talents independent of the condition of their mind, emotions, and physical body

  • To bring groundbreaking knowledge to professionals and parents in order to experience new levels of success. New solutions for old problems.

  • Respect the origins of the MNRI Method by honoring the trademark and copyrights

  • Operate with integrity and authenticity in everything we do

We are the dedicated members of the Masgutova Foundation.

If you would like to know more about our family clinics and conferences, please visit our page for details, photos, and testimonials.